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03:13pm 11/02/2006

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03:59pm 30/08/2005

I started an Etsy account where you can purchase my things, anything that is on both here and there must be purchased though Etsy, if I havent listed i there yet you can purchase it here.




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gone daddy gone i am gone   
03:32pm 23/06/2005
mood: tired as fuck
Hello, i am currently writing to you from sunny Vashon Island where i will be on and off for the next three months or so. I am working at a summer camp where there are three computers to share amongst the hundred or so staff members.

How will this effect the website?
-i will try to check my email atleast a few times a week
-i will call or email my mom to send out items
-expect lots of beach themed necklaces and earrings with shells and such (as i am on a beach)
-expect far less updates

in summary it should be that big of a deal, and i will try to get things to you ASAP, it might take a day or two for things to go in the mail though.

Thanks so much,
Karla Dee

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03:10pm 15/06/2005
  updates in earrings, and two new categories, pins/buttons, and necklaces.
oh yeah, and point me to the sewing machine i'm about to get to work on a new bag (or two)

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03:09pm 15/06/2005

Welcome to my selling journal.

Ordering Info

To purchase either comment in the entry the item is posted on or email me at Kdeekates@aol.com (please put the subject as something about MissDeeDesign so i dont think your email is spam) with what item  you want and i will try to get right back to you telling you whether or not that item is  available i will update sold items as soon as I can. I accept paypal, checks, money orders, possibly well concealed cash in certain cases. I will ship as soon as i get payment.

Shipping on most items is free, unless otherwise stated.

If you live on CWU campus I would rather deliver them to you, or meet somewhere so I dont have to waste postage.


any questions comment or email me and i will get back to you ASAP

Also if you purchase could you please leave me feedback on the first entry in this journal, it would be much apreciated.


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03:07pm 15/06/2005
  Necklaces updated 6/15Collapse )  

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03:02pm 15/06/2005

pins/buttons, last updated 6/15Collapse )


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Embroidered items updated 5/22   
07:52pm 18/05/2005
  Embroidered Items

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12:06am 15/05/2005
mood: nauseated

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11:44am 14/05/2005
  Earrings updated 6/15
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11:25am 25/04/2005
  Please leave feedback on transaction here.  

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