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Karla Dee
1 August
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This is my selling journal. I am Karla, a 19 year old college student at Central Washington Universitymajoring in theatre and minoring in Womans Studies.
I love to craft. expect kooky earings, anything decopaged, scarves, bags (both knit and sewn, and maybe stenciled)embroidered items, buttons, handspun yarn (im currently learning) and maybe even some merch from the bands my brothers are in. Expect the unexpected everyso often. Expect that my life doesnt revolve around this little side project, but I will try my hardest to work on it.
Also my real journal is Kdeekates, so I might reply to comments with that username, especially at first when im just getting use to doing this whole thing.

**Ordering Info**

To purchase either comment in the entry the item is posted on or email me at Kdeekates@aol.com (please put the subject as something about MissDeeDesign so i dont think your email is spam) with what item you want and i will try to get right back to you telling you whether or not that item is available i will update sold items as soon as I can. I accept paypal, checks, money orders, possibly well concealed cash in certain cases. I will ship as soon as i get payment.

Shipping on most items is free, unless otherwise stated.

If you live on CWU campus I would rather deliver them to you, or meet somewhere so I dont have to waste postage.

any questions comment or email me and i will get back to you ASAP

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